Who is SheTech?

Rebekkah Hilgraves, president of SheTech and Company

Hi! I’m Rebekkah Hilgraves, also known as “SheTech”. I’ve been providing web-based solutions (web sites, e-commerce, marketing automation, online training and documentation) for businesses since 1995. By myself and with a cohort of experts, I offer enterprise-level integrated marketing services from online to print to television and everything in between.

There is an unmistakable trend in marketing towards integrating web, mobile, and traditional channels.

I work with companies that have evolved marketing organizations whose internal resources are stretched too thin, or are in need of outside assistance to handle large strategic projects. I bring expertise and deep business understanding, providing years of expertise and an “outside-in” perspective, and can bring in members of an extensive network of providers, designers, and coders on special projects.

The Mission

My goal is to put marketing and technology skills to use in the realm of social and environmental responsibility, improving results for important initiatives by offering a high level of expertise, experience, and involvement. I prefer to put my time and efforts toward programs and causes that have a positive impact on the community, local or global.

I believe companies that look to improve conditions beyond their own boundaries will experience greater success in the long run, as their enlightened world view positively impacts business as a whole.

Who is SheTech?

Image of Rebekkah Hilgraves

Rebekkah Hilgraves, pretending to be all corporate and stuff.

Rebekkah Hilgraves, Marketing and Technology Consultant

The original “SheTech” (a moniker I was given in the early days of the dotcom boom), I started consulting with customers on marketing when web sites were a new thing. Working in technology since the mid 1990s as a support engineer, technical writer, project manager and consultant for both startup and enterprise groups, I’m always working to bring the latest technology and design principles to clients. I partner with client companies to develop smart and innovative solutions that meet their needs. Marketo Certified Expert logo

At one time part of the Marketo Education team, I’ve been a Marketo Certified Expert since 2012.

I’m also an ActiveCampaign Certified Consultant, and am a reseller partner.

Broadcast and Recording Engineer, and (believe it or not) Opera Singer!

In addition to all this work in technology and marketing, I have had a parallel music career going. I began broadcasting with WNIU-FM in northern Illinois at age 19, eventually becoming their Chief Announcer, going on to WNED-FM in Buffalo, KQED in San Francisco, and KING-FM in Seattle, and later moving into internet broadcasting and live event and remote recording and broadcasting. In fact, this second career has become such a great love that I’m building a mobile recording studio called the RadHaus, which also doubles as a mobile office!

I’m also an accomplished opera singer (now retired), having performed on stages in New York City, Buffalo, Seattle, Chicago, California, and Vancouver BC.

This all means that I bring a unique variety of experiences and expertise to the work I do for you — not only does it allow me to think outside the box, it allows me to help you understand that in fact…

there is no box!


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