Implementing ActiveCampaign? Integrating it with Salesforce.com?
Do it right the first time!
  • Near-real-time sync between ActiveCampaign and Salesforce.com
  • On/off toggle for full bilateral sync
  • Automatic campaign creation and sync

Rather than providing a baked-in integration with Salesforce.com, ActiveCampaign recommends using low-cost, database-agnostic API connectors to pass contact records across the divide. There are some inherent limitations in both of the recommended connectors.

For many clients, these connectors are good enough.

For other clients, when the requirements fall outside the limitations of these tools, a custom solution is the only option.

That’s why RadHaus.Solutions builtĀ Lead360, a deep data API integration between ActiveCampaign and Salesforce.com.

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