Sands Investment Group

SIG wanted to level up their marketing efforts beyond simple email blasts, automate what they could, and respond better to their clients and prospects with more timely and relevant content. They also wanted better integration with

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Sophia Micha-el Remedies ™

Sophia Micha-el Remedies ™ is an extensive library of medical symptoms and remedies based in Anthroposophic Medicine. Its primary author is a medical doctor with additional training in anthroposophy; in addition to the library, it contains lists of regional resources around the U.S., as well as stories of people who have experienced direct benefits of…

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Raphael Medicine + Therapies, PC

Raphael Medicine + Therapies, PC is a medical practice in Fair Oaks, California, that employs the principles of Anthroposophic Medicine–a holistic view of the human being that encompasses body, soul, and spirit. The new web site, built on WordPress, offers an improved user experience in the form of more intuitive menus, larger fonts, a responsive design…

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Mumtaz Hussain :: Painter, Sculptor, Filmmaker

Mumtaz Hussain

Mumtaz Hussain is a multiply talented artist: a painter, sculptor, graphic designer, author and filmmaker, his web site has undergone several incarnations with SheTech and Company. Beginning nearly ten years ago as a site with frames (!), it has evolved over the years from flat HTML to Joomla, and is currently undergoing another redesign and…

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Tasty Bites of LA (TBLA)

SheTech and Company was asked to take part in some publicity for a new DTLA restaurant, Tasty Bites of LA. We had fun in the interview, and the TBLA crew have become friends. This place is great! You should definitely come have a bite if you’re in the neighborhood.

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TH!S Green

TH!S Green is an exciting new business venture. The founder has created a health drink that contains a lot of good stuff and offers a great many health benefits. They already had a designer for the site and the branding (and isn’t that a pretty web site?), and they’re using one of our favorite photographers,…

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