Facebook ads and self-testing

Because business has slowed down a bit, I thought I would try something new: a Facebook ad. In minutes, I had already hit my clickthrough limit, but none of those clicks resulted in sales (at least not so far).

It’s interesting, being my own guinea pig. As I test methods on my own site, I can share what I’ve learned with my clients. “If at first you don’t succeed…” is a phrase by which all marketing lives, I think, but these days it’s important to have fewer failures. We want to spend client marketing dollars as efficiently as possible.

Part of the problem is that everyone is so VERY cost-conscious these days that they’re looking for free solutions for everything, including marketing. There’s lots of free stuff out there, but it takes knowledge and experience — not to mention a great deal of time — to really make it work for you.

I’d love to hear from readers about their experiences testing their own methods on themselves.

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