Other Business Solutions

In addition to our primary Services, RadHaus.Solutions offers a number of other business tools.

We can either bring in a complete team to work with you to craft your solution, or work with and within your in-house team to develop and refine solutions that meet your requirements.

In either case, we work very carefully with you to make sure that we understand your specifications and will leverage our network of resources to get it done for you!

Training Development and Delivery »

With over 20 years’ experience in Training Development and nearly 30 years’ experience in Media Production, SheTech and Company can prepare, voice and produce live online instructor-led and on-demand training, audio books, audio for games, music and broadcast.

Content Management Systems »

Most commercial web sites are too large to develop page by page. Content Management Systems are the evolution of the web page, separating style, layout and content into separate components.

What this means for the user is that content providers can concentrate on content, leaving the coding and designing to the coders and designers.

SheTech and Company offers full-featured content management systems (CMS) that allow you to dynamically serve and update web content, collect and review content from multiple authors, manage your document flow and much more! And because it’s database driven, using a CMS also gives you the ability to customize how you pull in and process data from multiple sources.

Customer Relationship Management Systems »

Customer relationship management is a critical component of your organization. It’s not just a contact database; it’s the lifeblood of your sales and marketing team. It is exactly what the name implies: a way to help you manage your relationships with customers. With it, you can help set expectations, deliver useful and timely information, automate the conversion process and much more.

SheTech and Company provides a number of CRM solutions to client companies, either through custom development, partner providers or open source CRM solutions. We also provide strategy consultation, to assist you in making the most of your CRM. It’s a powerful tool when fully exercised; we can help!

Demand Generation »

Hand in hand with a CRM, a good demand generation strategy and solution can help your organization learn a great deal about the habits of prospective customers, create methods for addressing them, and convert prospects to customers using innovative business rules and automation methods.

Far beyond just data analytics (though that’s a necessary piece), a demand generation strategy takes many factors into account and helps you predict customer behavior, which in turn gets you in front of your prospects proactively, offering solutions before they are even aware they need them!

Rebekkah Hilgraves (aka “SheTech”), is a Marketo Certified Expert and an ActiveCampaign Certified Consultant. Are you implementing Marketo or ActiveCampaign in your company? Contact us for help!

Data Integrity and Interoperability »

Most large companies maintain a number of separate data stores that are likely to require sharing across protocols and platforms–for example, a financial services firm not only collects data analytics from web site use; it also maintains a database of customers and their portfolios. It is critical that the data remain secure, intact and usable when being translated across platforms, while still providing the information necessary to help retain customers and generate new sales. Our team of security and data specialists can help you develop database interoperability tools, data migration and upgrade tools and more–with security and integrity as the highest priorities.

eCommerce, shopping carts, inventory control and logistics »

Many brick-and-mortar retail operations have made the decision to add online sales to their business model, and many other companies sell exclusively online. Each company is different, with implementation and transition factors adding layers of challenge to an online sales strategy. We implement eCommerce/shopping cart systems on a number of commercial, open source and custom platforms, depending on the requirements.

Part of online selling involves inventory control, which can either come under the umbrella of the eCommerce system, or tie in to an existing inventory control system. Logistics and delivery can add complexity; SheTech and Company partners with experienced logistics providers or works with your established logistics provider to help with seamless integration into existing business processes.

Custom web-based business applications »

For those companies requiring custom applications, our strategic and technical staff work with you to develop both the applications and the business processes to properly support them. Whether it’s a .NET, .php, java or mixed environment, we have the expertise to develop applications to meet your needs.

Content development, delivery & maintenance »

Many organizations, even those with well-developed marketing teams, sometimes need some outside help with generating content–perhaps a blog or social media platform needs upkeep, or a web site upgrade requires reworking existing content. Our team of top-notch writers can assist with such needs on short-term and ongoing basis. Our technical authoring staff are some of the best in the business, published many times over on a wide variety of topics, and can help you with more detailed content such as whitepapers or technical papers.

Hosted (SaaS) and standalone solutions »

SheTech and Company will work within your existing technology infrastructure or provide hosted, Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) to supply your web-based solutions.